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safety wifi

How to keep your home Wi-fi Router safe, protecting your family against the danger of the internet 

Even with recent technological advances to protect your Wi-Fi router, be aware that there are still other mechanisms that can

DSL cable fiber internet

What is difference between DSL, Cable, and Fiber internet?

Looking for the right type of internet for you can be overwhelming. Look below to find out the difference between


5G and 5G+ internet: what is the difference?

Understand today what the 5G internet is and how it differs from the plus version, the 5G+. Also, you will


Why is Facebook now called Meta?

So, Facebook has a new name: Meta. But what does it mean? No, your social network isn’t going to change

Is Pre-Black Friday shopping really worth it?

Pre-Black Friday sales arrive earlier each year, but how to spot a deal that gets your money’s worth? 

Deals start

digital security illustration

5 Online Privacy and Security Myths 

digital security illustration

When it comes to internet surveillance, there are many tips on how to protect yourself and consolidated truths among common

graphic chart comparing development by year

8 Digital Market Trends in 2021

graphic chart comparing development by year

Telecommunication companies are in the center of the digital transformation we are globally going through. By reading consumers preferences and

digital skills

10 Main Digital Skills of the Future  

digital skills

Answering how the technology revolution have changed the civilization is nearly impossible, as we are still under the effects of

telemedicine practicing

Digital and Online Health Care: Are We Creating the Future? 

telemedicine practicing



The way we consume data on the Internet is constantly changing, in response to a dynamic flux the

Latest News on Internet and Technology

After the world was surprised by the pandemic arrival and almost every activity changed its nature due to new protocols

linkedin image

Important Skills for the Digital Working Field Today  

With the growing obsolescence of analogic ways of dealing with information, and specially in mass dimensions, the recent technologies …


Why Keeping up with Internet Transformation Can Empower Us? 

What are the main scenariochanging events that happened in the history of Internet until now? To begin

book shelf full

Are printed books going to disappear? 


Will books disappear? Or are they going to change instead? Do people still shop more printed books than virtual one?

mobile marketing

8 essential marketing strategies today 

Marketing activities became a rule inside companies in the last decades. But the term can be very general. And you


Some Curiosities About Podcasts  



A podcast is a on demand shared audio program which, often, has a regular launch of new episodes. Listeners

online studies

Create your personalized routine to excel in online studies  


In addition to hoping for a good internet connection throughout the day, many people are trying to find a way

man on pc

The Online Banking Evolution  

The Real-time-Payment was launched in 2017 in the United States, enabling businesses and consumers to pay at once and in

internet of things illustration

Everything You Need to Know About the Internet of Things  


internet of things illustration  

Why should we know more about technology? It is simple: because we are using it each day more.


Essential tips to increase productivity in home office  


  intelligence construction

Since in last years and in 2020 companies all around the world began to adopt remote work in their

work and time management

Improve your business  while working at home 


While the world leaders are dealing with an increasing volume of new and complex problems 
as climatic changes and …

guy looking for oportunitties

Internet Technology Has Greatly Helped Us In Finding Jobs

illustrated boy looking for some opportunity for his future career

We all know, today, how the Internet has invaded our homes to better our lives. Be it for entertainment, work, …

gamepad being hold

The Upward Trend of Online Gaming

gaming device

The video game industry is continuously evolving and changing. Each day we see new developments, technology, and innovation that captivate …

How Social Media Helps Build Brands

male hands using a tablet and digital marketing illustration above the image

Branding is an approach by companies to promote their products and services by means of advertising and marketing initiatives. Critically, …

Online Reservations: Bookings With A Single Click

Do you remember the time when you had to physically drive all the way to a local travel agency to …

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