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internet games

The most important games of the last 5 decades: a complete guide

If we divide the little more than five decades of electronic entertainment in the same way as the ages of


Differences between types of fixed broadband: pros and cons, internet speed and more

Broadband was a big revolution on the internet, increasing speed and allowing the easy and instant connection. There are several


Know the 10 best tech gadgets to use in 2022

Tech gadgets promise to improve our day-to-day even more with the greater insertion of artificial intelligence in society. Are you


What is a Modem?

In an era when we depend on the internet for almost everything, understanding what a modem is and how to

home wifi

10 tips about how to extend your home wi-fi

Discover how to expand the wireless internet signal, Wi-Fi, indoors and allow simultaneous use of the network without loss of

video game streamming

How streaming is changing the video game industry?

Find out what e-sports are, how streaming works across platforms, and how all of this is revolutionizing the world of 

whait is internet

How does internet works?

The internet is a vast and complex system that enables communication between billions of devices around the world. How does

Christmas Sale: how to choose the best headphones and earphones for me

Some days after Black Friday discounts, another opportunity comes up: the Christmas Sale, when more products have a good and

Are speed tests reliable?

Speed test is a very useful tool to measure download and upload speed, and ping. So if you are having

How faster will the 6G internet be?

The new internet technology promises to be a revolution in our worlds, making possible for humanity to create intelligent cities,

digital era concept

Internet Industry: Important Facts and Statistics  



hand typing on laptop connected


This article intends to highlight and share with readers special data around the internet usage and trends and show

smart application for household

Why Use Wireless Home Security? 



smart application for household

According to a 2020 search made by the Data Reportal, 87% of U.S.’s residents are connected to


Why do I Need a Home Phone? 


As time and digital transformation goes by, people tend to discard those technologies that do not seem at once necessary

couple moving houses

Why Do I Need Home Security?  


Installing a home business system means protecting not only your property, but your valuables and, more important,

girl reading books

The Positive Effects of Reading

girl studying illustration

Reading well is considered to be one of the best qualities one can possess. It allows the exposure to words …

man reading

Some Reasons Why Should You Read Regularly

black guy reading a novel standing up illustration

There’s nothing like sitting down and reading on any of the topics of your choice. Reading inspires creativity, critical thinking, …

family using tablet

Bundle Your Services With One Of CleverPing’s Partner

a couple and their son looking at a ipad screen on the living room

Combining products into a package and giving some discounts on them is simply termed as bundling of services. As an …


Why Do You Need A Home Phone?


With the rapid rise of cellular technology, home phones have been increasingly used as a secondary mode of communication. However, …

Finding Internet Providers With CleverPing Comparison Tool

In our era, the Internet has become a near necessity in our daily lives. From the basic needs to the …

old couple on internet

Easy Ways To Find Home Phone And Internet Bundles With CleverPing

Are you someone who is looking for the best phone and internet bundle for your home? However, with many options …

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