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Internet for gaming, here is what you need to know

Fast and reliable. 

That’s the perfect combination when you are looking for the best internet for gaming, both for those


Why is Facebook now called Meta?

So, Facebook has a new name: Meta. But what does it mean? No, your social network isn’t going to change

girl with her cre4dit card shopping online

What are TV and Internet Bundles? A Consumer’s Basic Guide 

Usually, when technology consumers look for a new service or product, they will first search for the most common features

blond girl shopping with credit card by her cell phone

What is the Comparison Websites’ Importance? 

blond girl shopping with credit card by her cell phone

Check out below key information about how and why special comparison websites are made so consumers can easily search and

meeting at the office

How to Keep your Company up with Digital Transformation 

 working from home The digital transformation in companies is already a reality and terms such as business intelligence, internet of things, industry 4.0

How Does Satellite Internet Work? 

Communication technology for internet business.


As you may have noticed, the internet is constantly evolving at great speed. It is inserted in our daily life,

woman oresenting live webinar

What is the difference between Streaming and Broadcasting? 

To everyone that still have doubts – consciously or not – about the differences between live tv, streaming and other

tablet device connected to youtube

Streaming TV: How Did We Get Here? 


See some key information about streaming technology past, present and potential future. 

Living in the Digital Era is like

girl using wifi signal at a coffe shop

Wi Fi Extender and Wi Fi Booster Differences

girl using wifi signal at a coffe shop

As the wireless technology has been conquering each day more places and has been dominating specially the home internet services 

girl and her best friend playing video game in her room

What is the Best Internet for Online Gaming?  

 man sitting in his computer desk playing console  

It is difficult to say how the internet will behave in two or three years, but one thing is certain?

internet concept

Fiber Optic Internet Today vs. Tomorrow   



What are the key factors that make fiber so important to us and how can it change the future?

router next to internet user at home

Most Common Wi Fi Problems and How to Fix Them  


router next to internet user at home

Keeping calm is the least thing an internet user which signal went down usually can do. A reasonable package

mobile banking vector

Mobile Banking Generation and Its Benefits  


girl shopping online with mobile


Get to know more about this trending technology of the last decade. 

In 2015, Google started to encourage the

fiber optic internet

5 Common Questions About Fiber Optic Internet    

Are fiber optic cables more expensive? Is it more environmentally friendly? Check some of this technology’s questions and answers!  



social media tool vector

Internet Plans for Digital Entertainment Users 

social media tool vector

As internet became the most valued and vital tool for information, communication and entertainment in the globalized world, some location 

tv and internet plans

Should I Bundle TV, Internet and Phone?

mobile and tv plans concept

Having to change telecommunications services subscriptions too many times is the perfect nightmare of any customer. Although in the last

woman holding wifi symbol and wireless written below

Everything You Need to Know About Wi-Fi Hotspots  

woman holding wifi symbol and wireless written below


When we connect trough a wireless internet connection, many technological devices will be able to enjoy the same signal

mobile users vector

Mobile Internet: see what have changed since 2000 

As many other types of technologies, the mobile internet is currently going through a major and boosted transformation, mainly due

6g technology symbol

What is 6G and How Can It Change the Internet? 


 6g technology symbol

In October 2020, the Chinese government sent the first 6 satellite to space. As an experiment, the goal is

face recogniiton illustration

High speeds and the Internet of Future 

face recogniiton illustration


With the social distancing protocols that are being applied all over the world since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the internet

solving problem concept

Slow Internet: 5 Common Causes  

internet slow problem concept

The slow internet problem can cause considerable damages in your day to day. Especially when you are a heavy network

online meeting

DSL or Fiber Optic Internet: What is the Best for Me? 

online meeting

Connection drop, low speeds, service unavailable, weak customer support. These are some of the worst nightmares for broadband users, especially

modem wifi

Wireless: router, modem and other components 


Using the internet is by far the activity that gained more adepts in the last decades word widely. To have

digital era concept

Internet Industry: Important Facts and Statistics  



hand typing on laptop connected


This article intends to highlight and share with readers special data around the internet usage and trends and show

smart application for household

Why Use Wireless Home Security? 



smart application for household

According to a 2020 search made by the Data Reportal, 87% of U.S.’s residents are connected to

comparing internet plans

Tips for changing your internet plan 

comparing internet plans

Cancelling your internet plan is a needed action mainly when you face these situations: 

  • you moving for a different place

Latest News on Internet and Technology

After the world was surprised by the pandemic arrival and almost every activity changed its nature due to new protocols


Some Curiosities About Podcasts  



A podcast is a on demand shared audio program which, often, has a regular launch of new episodes. Listeners

laptop and popcorn

Main Benefits of Streaming Services

studio picture of a popcorn and notebook


Most of millennials would know what a streaming service is just by the name, but even today there are …

How Technology Will Change the Way We Live in The Future? 

fluid image mixing a woman on pc picture and a urban landscape


With the first medical signs that point to a higher control of the pandemic situation by the revelation of 

keys being handled

Important tips for those who are moving   

Moving between places can be troublesome when you do not plan your priorities and how to shift things properly. Things


Essential tips to increase productivity in home office  


  intelligence construction

Since in last years and in 2020 companies all around the world began to adopt remote work in their

work and time management

Improve your business  while working at home 


While the world leaders are dealing with an increasing volume of new and complex problems 
as climatic changes and …

two girls at school

How the Internet Has Transformed the Lives of Students

The Internet is responsible for connecting people around the world. It is the most useful technology of modern times and …

motorized man using online map

Explore the World with Google Maps

man checking google maps on a smartphone sitting in his car

Remember the day Google Maps was launched? And at the time, we never knew how the application would ease the …


CleverPing Helps You Choose The Best Internet Bundles

Internet, cable and home-phone access are delivered to our households in the form of packages by many service providers. Additionally, …

hand holding light bulb

Some Advantages of a Home-Internet Connection

hand holding a light bulb in front of a notebook

The Internet is rightly called one of the greatest inventions of modern science because it gives us instant access to …

Why it makes Sense to Choose Services with one of the CleverPing’s Providers

business man at the office desk working

The slow speeds with an internet connection can seem to be really frustrating for its users. We use the internet …

hand with cell phones illustration

How Internet Technology Has Changed Modern Education


Technology has and will continue to impact every industry, including education. With the wide use of the Internet, it …

smiling woman on her computer

Explore For The Best Cable And Internet Bundle In Your Area

In our era, the usage of cable TV and the internet are playing a crucial part in our daily life. …

cables from internet and TV

Hang On With The Best Internet Service Provider In Your Area

technician guy on his pc working on some tech issues

Today, now more than ever, finding the best internet service provider has become a quite an important task. Some never …

The Various Benefits Of The Internet In Our Daily Lives

It seems impossible to imagine a world without the Internet. The Google definition of the Internet is simply connecting computers …

guy looking for oportunitties

Internet Technology Has Greatly Helped Us In Finding Jobs

illustrated boy looking for some opportunity for his future career

We all know, today, how the Internet has invaded our homes to better our lives. Be it for entertainment, work, …

Online Reservations: Bookings With A Single Click

Do you remember the time when you had to physically drive all the way to a local travel agency to …

A Few Advantages of Internet Technology

girl using her mobile

The internet is rightly called one of the greatest inventions of the modern era that supplies us with instant access …

Be Ready To Find The Best TV And Internet Deals In Your Area

couple laughing in front of pc

Finding the best TV and internet deals sometimes becomes very frustrating due to the unworthy services provided by internet providers. …

woman on pc

The World’s Largest Library is the Internet

Technology is an essential part of our lives today and life without technology is unimaginable. The technology mankind has created …

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